Fashion piece ‘must haves’

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Macy Sliman, Staff Writer

   I think we can all relate (well most women can anyway…) to that morning when you stand in front of your closet wondering why your clothes are suddenly not cute anymore. Nothing goes together, you feel frumptastic and your once spotless room now looks like a war zone.

   First, something that helps me is picking out my outfit the night before. If that still does not work, go through your closet and revise it a little. There are certain timeless pieces that help pull every outfit together if you know what they are and how to use them. Here are an easy few wardrobe pieces that you should either find or get soon.

–       Denim chambray: This denim button up is perfect for under or over something. You can button it up or use it for a sophisticated collar look under your favorite sweater.

–       Black denim jeans: These are a must have. They are super flattering because they are black. I have a hard time not wearing mine every day. We all know that is a bad idea.

–       Cheetah print flats: Cheetah print is really in right now. These can spice up any preppy or classy look, no matter what.

–       White blouse: I like mine button-up and one size bigger, so I can roll up the sleeves. It literally goes with anything and can be dressed up or down by just being tucked in or left out.

–       Little black dress: This is a closet must have and is great for dinner out or paired with cute tights and a cardigan.

–       Boyfriend cut blazer: Any color blazer is awesome because it can give any look that professional edge. I have a black one that I love and wear all the time.

–       Leather jacket: If you have not noticed, leather jackets are back in. They can give you that classic rocker appeal when paired with boots or even just a little edge with those darling cheetah flats. They are sometimes expensive if you get actual leather, but, for me, it was totally worth it; I wear it all the time, and it is always in style.

–       Denim jacket: It can safely be said that Saved By The Bell taught us well that the more denim the better. Just kidding. But, seriously, this is a great item for casual wear.

–       Solid color cardigan: I am absolutely obsessed with cardigans. They are so comfortable and very versatile. They make any outfit cozy, and the right color and cut can be very flattering.

–       Chunky sweater: This is a great pullover option for cooler weather. You can even pair it with a cute button up and skinny jeans for a classy look.

–       Color jeans: These are great and very in style. They come in every shade, so pick a color that goes with the main color pallet you have in your closet.

–       Pattern scarf: This can be an easy pop piece and is perfect for cool days.