Feature Friday: Natasha Fuentes

Feature Friday: Natasha Fuentes

Provided by Natasha Fuentes.
Provided by Natasha Fuentes.

Get to know SNU Double Duty Athlete: Starting Goalie and Storm Rider Natasha Fuentes.

Where are you from? Mustang/Yukon
What is your major?  Business – Marketing
What are your hobbies and interests? Horseback riding and reading
Three words that describe you: Quiet, Laid back, Determined
Greatest fear: Spiders!
What achievement are you most proud of? There are so many! Being in college and owning a horse are my most recent and proudest achievements.
What is your motto? Seize the Day and taking it day by day and Cowboy-ing up.
How do you balance being on the soccer team and the equestrian team while being a student? My equestrian coach is understanding about my soccer schedule and we are able to work around it
Provided by Natasha Fuentes.
Provided by Natasha Fuentes.

What is your favorite part about each team? I love both of my teams! A few of the soccer girls I know from growing up and playing soccer with or against them, but our team is the coolest ever. We connect like a family and support each other and love the game so it’s easy to get along with them.  The equestrian team is calmer than my soccer teammates, which is nice, but it’s fun to tease them and to get them to laugh at shows.

How did you start playing soccer and riding? I started soccer when I was three and never stopped. Soccer was a huge part of my life growing up. I didn’t have a horse and only rode a handful of times before I came to SNU.  I was planning on going through the Med/Vet program here and thought it would be interesting to get involved with the equestrian program, so I sent them an e-mail saying hey I want to get involved any way I can, just lead me in the right direction.  Well, I got a response from the coach saying, come try out for the team, let’s see how you ride. I was so excited, and they took me even though I had no horse knowledge what-so-ever. They slowly worked with me, and I learned how to ride and now own a horse!
Do you have your own horse? Yes I do! I bought a yearling, that is now a two year old, from SNU. He is a paint but a solid sorrel (brown) paint.  His barn name is Jaxx.
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