Fink Fast challenges students to fast and pray

Students can help an inner city outreach program by participating in Fink Fast. (Photo by Meneer Zjeroen used under Creative Commons license.)

By Brad Croford, Editor-in-chief

On Thursday, Feb. 14, students will have the opportunity to sacrifice a meal for the greater good.

Fink Fast is an annual tradition at Nazarene universities and colleges. During the fast, students can give up a meal at Sodexo in order to benefit a noble cause.

“It’s named after a student body president at NNU who lost his life the night before his graduation in the may of 1989,” Zach Bond, student body president, said. “This effort is both to honor his memory and continue in the vein of reaching out to support the labors of Nazarene compassionate ministries.”

This year’s beneficiary will be an inner city outreach program in Kansas City. Past Fink Fast beneficiaries have included The Luke Commission in 2012 and a Nazarene student ministry at the University of Nebraska in 2011.

While the charitable aspect involves giving up a meal at Sodexo, Bond hopes that students will also be engaging in the spiritual side as well.

“Although students can simply buy food elsewhere, we’re encouraging students to use the time they would usually be using to eat to pray and fast,” Bond said.