Food Trucks and Outdoor Patio Life

Food Trucks and Outdoor Patio Life

[author image= “”] Colton Hadlock, Staff Contributor
Colton Hadlock is a sophomore at Southern Nazarene University. In his free time, Colton enjoys spending time with family and friends, riding mountain bikes off of bridges into ponds, playing musical instruments, being an unprofessional storm chaser and photographer. His favorite pastime is attempting to eat at every restaurant in Oklahoma. Colton has aspirations of becoming a weather journalist, a filmmaker and a musician. [/author]

Food trucks and outdoor patios are growing in Oklahoma City, with several events and places now available. These places generally offer nothing less than great food, music fitting the atmosphere and positive vibes. For many looking for plans on a beautiful Friday evening or even a lovely Saturday afternoon, this gives the locals here a chance to enjoy being outside. This growing phenomenon in OKC is bringing options for fellowship and community, whether it’s with a group of friends, family or other people.

The Bleu Garten is an outdoor patio located on 301 NW 10th St in Midtown Oklahoma City. This is a unique place that offers services other places can’t. With prime location in Midtown, The Bleu Garten’s is home for hosting entrepreneurs trying to grow their business. With 28 different food truck partners, there is an option for dinner or dessert that is appealing to anybody.

The atmosphere is second to none, offering wide ranges of different kinds of music fitting to the atmosphere. When the weather is hot and the sun is shining, there are plenty of options for shaded seating. Misters and heaters are also available and have any kind of weather covered. They also pride themselves in cleanliness and provide clean restrooms. There are countless televisions as well as a projector screen to catch your favorite team playing a game, whether it’s Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or the Oklahoma City Thunder. On occasion, The Bleu Garten’s also offer theatre entertainment, and show classic movies at sunset.

The Bleu Garten’s are family and dog friendly. They are open seasonally, and are generally closed from the winter months of December through February unless there are surprise weather warm ups. For up to date scheduling and news on The Bleu Garten, download the Truck It OKC app, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @bleugarten.

While The Bleu Garten’s takes crown for outdoor and patio life, but there are many other options. Many are familiar with H&8th, an outdoor festival in Midtown with the heart of it being on 8th street and Hudson. As many know, during the warmer months it occurred on the last Friday of each month from 7-11 p.m. The goal of this was to strengthen the neighborhood and introduce the district to OKC. The event has now been moved to once a year, since the goal of the annual event has been successful over the last couple years.

There are many other areas and events to enjoy that Oklahoma City offers with food trucks. Delmar Gardens in the Farmers Market District is a newer food truck park. Other popular areas are the Plaza District, Automobile Alley, Film Row or Western Avenue. When the weather is nice, get out and enjoy great food and support local business! For more information, email me at