Formally Known as Global Vision: Go Week 2013

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager

   This coming Tuesday October 8th until Thursday October 10th is Go Week, formally known as Global Vision Week. Joel Mullen, newest University Pastor in the office of Spiritual Development, said

   “”We want to facilitate opportunities for SNU students to go and engage their world. ‘Go Week’ captures the idea that faith and obedience involves movement and commitment.”

   Go Week will be used to inform students about opportunities and challenge students to travel and serve internationally through a study abroad program or mission trip. The verse of the week is Genesis 12:4, “So Abram went, as the Lord told him…”

   On Tuesday, Elieen Ruger will speak in Chapel and share about study abroad opportunities for students. Ruger will also talk about how students can get involved with Commission Unto Mexico. Directly following Chapel will be a study abroad fair in the commons with representatives from different organizations who will be able to talk specifically about locations and classes.

   On Thursday, Mullen will speak in chapel to challenge students to listen to where God may be calling them to go and then to take a step of obedience. Mullen will also share some information on the SIMs (SNU in Missions) trips.

   Six SIMs trips have been confirmed for summer 2014 in Australia, Haiti, Germany, Brazil, and two teams in Swaziland, one with the Luke Commission and one with BFC’s station. Further information about the SIMS trips, past and present, will be given on Monday, October 28th at 6:30pm in Herrick before solace.

  Spiritual development will be hosting an Amazing Race to celebrate Go Week. Teams of four will go on a scavenger hunt throughout the Bethany/Oklahoma City area and interact with the community. Teams can sign up right after chapel on Tuesday, and the first clue will be given that afternoon.

   The race will end on Thursday night at 8pm with a Go Week party in Bud Robinson before kingdom come. All students are welcome to attend regardless of amazing race participation. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the party.