Fun Places to Study

Fun Places to Study

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Carl Everett, Staff Contributor
Carl Everett is a junior Mass Communications major from Moore, Oklahoma. He has spent much time traveling with SNU’s band, Remedy, as their sound technician. His favorite thing to do is make Jesus music for the masses. [/author]

As the school year is starting to wrap up, there is still so much to do. There are still a multitude of final projects, test, quizzes and the daily grind of normal class work. There is also the battle to find time for relationships and sleep. As a result, it can be really hard to keep in the mindset of “good studying.”

Studying can be difficult, especially if one does not have a little fun in the process. There are a lot of places in the area for us to do homework; especially off campus. It just is a matter of finding a location that is the most suitable for studying.

My personal favorite is at church, in the green room or in the lobby lounge. It is a great environment for me to be able to focus. It is usually a quiet place where I can lay out all of my papers, helping me be effective in my studying.

A place I recommend for those who are in the medical field is the hospital. Integris Baptist Medical Center has a good cafeteria and a lot of seating and tables. There is also a nice part of the cafeteria that has a large sunroof where there is plenty of room to do homework and still have the ability to be in the sunlight.

Kevin Veal, a sophomore music business major, likes to study at Whataburger. They are open 24 hours, and it is somewhere quite different than the normal desired study spot for a college student.

“I like Whataburger because it is a good place to go hang out with people and do homework,” said Veal. “They also have good cheap food for a poor college student who is on a budget.”
Veal also says that the restaurant makes him feel like the long nights are not as late as they truly are.

Joseph Blissett, a senior ministry major who lives in married housing, loves to do his homework at home. He said, “[Home] is a nice, quiet place to study.”

While home does offer the comfort of other study spots without going anywhere, he also discussed where to go to study for a group project.

“I recommend the library, since it can be really hard to get everyone together,” he said.

Have any other suggestions on places to study, such as your favorite coffee shop? Leave a comment in the comments section below.

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