Get Out In the City!

Get Out In the City!

Southern Nazarene University (SNU) holds amazing events every week on campus that are filled with opportunities to make long lasting memories for their students. SNU is also so close to Oklahoma City. Here you can never not find something to do. So on those days where you just aren’t feeling a school event or there is no event at all, get out and explore the city!

So what exactly is there to do?

First let’s talk about all the delicious, amazing, trending restaurants there are to choose from. Whether it’s quick treats, full meals, or feeling a sweet tooth, the city has it all. Waffle Champion is the perfect place if you are feeling something sweet but savory. Have yourself some waffles and syrup as you indulge in crispy chicken on the side. Felling the sweet but not the savory? Find yourself at Capitals Ice Cream for the perfect dessert to hit the spot. If you want something a bit more filling, Fuzzy’s in Bricktown is a SNU student favorite among many. Whenever me and my friends  are hungry and we know we are going to be in the city, Fuzzy’s is always our go to.” Jessie Fouts, student at SNU, says.

If you aren’t feeling hungry but still want to hang around in the city, download the Lime app and find a nearby scooter to cruise with some friends. Make a pit stop at Brickopolis for a game of mini golf or even stroll around Myriad Botanical Gardens & Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory for cute pics and some fresh O2! Wanting more places for cute The Plaza Wall’s really are the spot. And they are surrounded by cute vintage shops as well!

Lastly, the best part of Oklahoma City is all the amazing districts that make it up. With all of these districts they all have their own special food spots, attractions to see, things to do, and all hold their own unique events. “ I have just recently gone to the Art District on the 3rd Fridays and it was honestly so much fun. Although I love the events SNU holds, it’s nice getting out of the bubble and seeing what the city has to offer.” Madalyn Lynch says.

Next time you are out of ideas on what to do with friends, get out in the city and explore!

Photo by Alan Villegas