Heartpal 2014

Photo by Chelsea Lowe

Celeste Forrest, Staff Writer

   It is that time of year again!

   You know, that time of year when you hear random Mexican music playing in Sodexo and giggling girls are walking around doing scavenger hunts? It is that special time of year when Southern Nazarene University holds the annual “Heartpal” banquet!

  Heartpal is a traditional formal event that is put on in February, around Valentines Day, to celebrate both “hearts” and “pals.” During the Heartpal season, guys are encouraged to ask girls to the event in fun and creative ways. From balloons to secret messages, this is often an exciting and traditional part of Heartpal that many students enjoy doing.

   In addition to guys asking the ladies, Heartpal is a time when friends can dress up, hang out and really just enjoy the night while eating chocolate cupcakes and learning how to Tango.

   Yes, this year students will receive instructional dancing once again! From learning the waltz, to salsa and the tango, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on!

This year’s theme is “The Great Gatsby.” Even though students are not required to dress up, if you’re feeling the “Roarin’ 20s” vibe, you are more than welcome to!

Heartpal court: Holly Willard, Avarilla Anfuso, Allison Pardue, Madison Busic, and Kate Srader. Photo by Cole Trotter
Heartpal court: Holly Willard, Avarilla Anfuso, Allison Pardue, Madison Busic, and Kate Srader.
Photo by Cole Trotter

   No Heartpal is complete without its court. This year’s 2014 Heartpal queen candidates are Madison Busic, Holly Willard, Kate Srader, Avarilla Anfuso and Allison Pardue. The court is selected from eligible junior girls by the student body. All students are encouraged to vote during the event’s selection process!

   In addition to dancing and a great court, there are sure to be lots of snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy as well as music and fellowship!

   Still not convinced that Heartpal is your thing? See what these students had to say about it:

   “Heartpal is a great chance for me to spend time with my girlfriend, and it allows me to have the opportunity to make her day special.” -Bobby Cranston, Sophomore

   “What I enjoy about Heartpal is being able to hang out with friends, and get dressed up. This is my last Heartpal event, so I want to make it special!” -Jenny Lyles, Senior

   “I’ve never been to Heartpal before, but I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends!” -Carl Everett, Freshman

   “What I look forward to about Heartpal is spending time with the girls and getting the chance to dress up!” -Kyndal Jayroe, Sophomore

   Heartpal will take place on Friday, February 7th in the Oklahoma History Center from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. So whether you’re with your “heart” or with your “pals,” this is sure to make for a memorable night. Hope to see you there!