Honors Program Donates School Supplies

Honors Program Donates School Supplies

School is starting up and so is homework. Students need supplies in order to complete assignments and to be the best that they can be. On August 17th, right before school started, students from the honors program donated school supplies to Council Grove Elementary. They received 1,000 dollars in supplies and several cash donations.

For 5 years running, Dr. Broyles has had the honors program. Students have to complete specific courses to graduate with an honors degree from SNU.  The students are required to complete a service project every other week . Some honors students choose to go to Council Grove Elementary to tutor the children in subjects such as reading and math. Since the time the students have been there, a DHS on-site social worker was helping the school get valuable resources and supplies. They helped them into several programs like Clothing Closet and Food Pantry.

Due to recent budget cuts, the social worker was taken away. One of the counselors at Council Grove asked Dr. Broyles for supplies. She agreed in confidence. She states “being involved in the life of the community and making the smallest differences in children and their families is something that we can all do.”

Hayden Jacobs, a student who donated, states his reasons why he gave and why he mentors. He says, “having the opportunity to mentor at Council Grove Elementary through SNU Honors Program, I was able to see the firsthand effects of poverty on a child in an educational setting. The necessary school supplies that many of us take for granted, these students don’t have the opportunity to have. Seeing this throughout my time at Council Grove is the main reason why I donated. It is also worth noting that this was only possible due to Dr. Broyles and Dr. Weaver and their willingness to serve in this manner and recognizing the school supply need, as budget cuts eliminated Council Grove’s social worker.”.

If you have any donations to offer Council Grove Elementary students, you can take it to the school or take it to Dr. Broyles in the Culture and Communications office on the 2nd floor of Herrick.

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