In Review: Organic Squeeze

"Life in Every Drop" Photo by Amy Lauver
“Life in Every Drop” Photo by Amy Lauver

Amy Lauver, Layout Editor

    “Jamba Juice is the man?”* Not anymore. There is a new juicery in town! Local business Organic Squeeze opened their first store on Tuesday, January 14. Located in Nichols Hills Plaza, Organic Squeeze is the perfect place to grab a healthy drink and spend time studying.

   The saturday before they opened, they had a preview day where for one day and one day only everything was free. The Editor’s and I had the chance to take advantage of this one time offer. There were people lined up outside the door, ready to experience this new local business. With a worker cutting fresh wheatgrass and putting it into a juicer, we immediately knew upon walking into Organic Squeeze that this would be a healthy, yet enjoyable experience we would have to soon partake in again.

   After diligently looking over the menu, we decided to try the Maple Pecan Breakfast Smoothie and the Green Giant Smoothie. We also grabbed ourselves a couple packs of flavored nuts, and I tried a raw peanut butter energy bar. The Maple Pecan Smoothie was very rich and filling. For someone who likes maple flavored things, it would be very good. The Green Giant was surprisingly refreshing. If a drink has anything green in it I usually steer clear because I know it will be a health kick in the face. This smoothie had great superfoods in it like kale, avocado and  spinach but it was not overpowering in any way. This drink also contains pineapple, mango and apple juice which all contribute to its natural sweet flavor.

Amy Lauver and Grace Williams enjoy their organic smoothies. Photo by Amy Lauver
Amy Lauver and Grace Williams enjoy their organic smoothies. Photo by Amy Lauver

 Off to the side, at the end of the line, sat a machine that was continuously making fresh, squeezed orange juice. There was a basket on top of the machine where the oranges were placed. At the push of a button, oranges would fall from the basket into the machine to be squeezed into fresh orange juice. Seeing the tray of cups sitting next to the machine, we gladly tried the complimentary orange juice.

   What makes Organic Squeeze so great and different from other juice and smoothie bars is that it is entirely local and organic. It is owned and found by two local brothers, and all the produce is locally bought, fresh organic produce. This business is not lying when they say “Life in every drop.”

   Organic Squeeze had certain serene and calming characteristics about it. It could be a perfect environment to study in. With easily accessible outlets, wifi and comfy seating, studying at Organic Squeeze would be ideal for any student. Organic Squeeze has many options to meet every need/want for juicing. For people who are in the know about health and organic juicing, they may want to choose one of the health boosting shots. For someone who may not know too much about organic juicing, they might choose one of the many bottled juices available, which would also be perfect for people on the go. They also have a variety of breakfast and fruit smoothies to choose from. With every drink priced between 4 and 8 dollars, Organic Squeeze is the perfect way to treat yourself while still being healthy.

*Quote from the movie Baby Mama.

  1. i had a green giant smoothie from organic squeeze yesterday. totally delightful, and i’m looking forward to more smoothies and juices.

    my only observation is that there is a LOT of sugar (albeit, naturally-occurring sugars) in the raw apple, pineapple, and mango juice, which balances out the earthy taste of the kale, spinach, and avocado. however, i like my juices a bit on the earthy side (not grassy, though), so next time, i think i’ll ask for less sweet juice and more green stuff (if they will accommodate my request).

    i can’t wait to try other smoothies of theirs – they all sound really tasty!

    1. That’s awesome Katie! That’s the kind I had too. I definitely like mine a little on the sweet side.

      I’m glad you had a good experience, even if it was a little too sweet for you.