International Students Prosper in SNU Basketball Program

International Students Prosper in SNU Basketball Program

In the heart of Oklahoma, a transformation is sweeping across the basketball court of Southern Nazarene University. International students have not only found a new home but also elevated the SNU Basketball Program to new heights, showcasing their talents and playing a major role in the team’s success. 

Southern Nazarene University, renowned for its academic excellence and vibrant campus life, has now become a thriving place for basketball talent all around the world. These international student-athletes are making waves in the program, contributing to fostering a more culturally diverse community within the university. 

The SNU men’s and women’s basketball programs have seen a number of international students come through the past years, which has reflected the university’s dedication to embracing diversity and inclusion. Not only are they able to thrive on the court, but also academically. 

One standout international women’s player is Georgia Adams, a 5’10 guard from Perth, Australia. Adam’s journey to Bethany, Oklahoma speaks to her dedication and commitment to the sport. Overcoming the cultural differences and being away from family and friends, not only has she adapted to American life, but she also plays a significant part in the SNU women’s basketball team. Her shooting and ability to drive to the hoop have earned her respect from her teammates as well as other students. 

“When I came to Oklahoma as a freshman I was really nervous. The SNU community and my teammates made me immediately feel at home and loved, which made my transition to the US so much easier for me,” expressed Adams. 

Jonas Visser, is another remarkable international player on the men’s basketball team. From the Netherlands, he stands at 7 feet and is looking to make an immediate impact in this program. He spent his first 4 years of college at the University of San Fransisco and now he will spend his last year of eligibility at Southern Nazarene University. Visser’s ability to rebound and finish around the rim makes him an asset to this program.

“I love living in the U.S. College has been a great experience for me to live independently at a young age and learn some valuable life skills. SNU has been very welcoming and helpful with my move to Oklahoma. I am very thankful to be here and have so many people support me,” exclaimed Visser. 

The presence of international students has added a unique flavor to the game. Different playing styles, strategies, and cultural influences have come together to create dynamic teams that are not only competitive but also fun to watch.


Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash