Jazz Solo Night Tonight

Jazz Solo Night Tonight

Ranging from bossanova to sultry favorites, Usingers will be crooning tunes for your listening pleasures on Friday, February 3.

Jazz Solo Night allows students to hear the talents of some of the most eclectic voices of SNU while relaxing in the 405.

(To become a member of this ensemble, a student must try out with an excerpt solo piece of jazz, or christian contemporary, and sight sing.)

While practicing twice a week, this ensemble uses their talents and efforts to produce music that is fun and unique.

Usingers is the elite twelve member jazz ensemble on campus. They travel around Oklahoma and beyond to share their love of jazz and Jesus.

The solo performances of Usingers allow listeners to see the personalities of performers not seen on a daily basis. Each soloist chose a song and added a twist to it.

Alyssa Flescher says she is most excited “to get to see Usingers members express themselves through individual songs.”

In the this world of division and uncertainty, jazz demonstrates a community filled with relaxation fun.

“There is so much culture and history in jazz,” says Rebekah Jeong.

She also remarked that “You don’t rely on anyone except yourself, so it gives you that scary movie kind of thrill.” Because of the ebb and flow of this type of music, performances require a level of spontaneity most music doesn’t require.

You’re never going to get the same song when listening to jazz music. Because of the improv involved in performing with a jazz band, the song can always be different. Jeong says “There’s no one right way to sing a song.”
Jazz is an artform not many people get to experience in this day and age. Come out to the 405 to have a night of fun and jammin’ tunes.

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