Kicks on Campus

Kicks on Campus

When picking a shoe to stunt on campus, college students want a pair of kicks that are going to be functional, comfortable, while still being stylish. With so many different shoes to choose from, what are college students wearing on their feet to get from class to class? 

I went on the mission to find shoes at SNU that are just straight up cool as well as a 

good representation of what a lot of the SNU student body are wearing.

Ej Taylor, a senior, likes to sport around his Nike Air Max 97. Taylors shoes caught my attention from the unique pops of colors on the shoes. “I got them because they are different, not too many people have them,” Taylor says.




Bailey Grimes, a senior, wears her Hoka One One Clifton 7 on many days. “My feet started hurting from standing so much and I knew these had good support plus cute!” Grimes says.




Abby Tardibono, a junior, often wears her Nike Blazer Low ‘77 due to the fact that they are simple and have velcro. “I brought a different color of the same shoe first and loved them so much that I brought the black pair!” Tardibono exclaims.




Leo Zuniga, a senior on campus, loves to wear his mustard yellow Old School Vans. A casual comfortable shoe that’s easy to wear with a lot of different outfits. “Vans really are just my go to shoe of choice. And I just really like the color on these ones,” says Zuniga



Peyton Parsons, a senior, likes to wear her Nike Air Max because of the colors. “I got them because they are different and I think they’re dope,” Parsons explains.




Prof. Smith, a mass communications professor here at SNU is wearing  Adidas Stan Smiths in the mint color. “I love the classic look in a unique color. I love all things Adidas,” Smith said. He has never been disappointed with any three stripes product!




Grayson Winters, a senior, wears his crocs on most days because they are super comfortable. “I wanted to get them because they are good travel and casual shoes,” says Winters.




Nef Leon, a senior, is a big collector of shoes. She is showing off her Nike Ben&Jerry Dunks released on May 23, 2020. “I love the shoes because they are different from any other shoe I ever had and also the amount of colors and textures they have,” Leon says. She was inspired to obtain these shoes due to the fact that no one else around her had them and she thought they were special and aesthetically pleasing.


Alvaro Sanchez, a sophomore, rocks his Nike Blazer Mids. “I brought them because I like extravagant shoes!” says Sanchez.




There are many different styles and reasons why people are wearing the shoes that they are SNU! So what shoes do you like to wear the most around campus?

Photos by: Shantalle Demirjian