NCAA representatives visit campus

Photo by Kira Roberts

Kira Roberts, Layout Editor

Representatives from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) visited campus last week in an effort to see our progress in adapting to this new program from all different aspects.  They met with coaches, staff, and student athletes to discuss specific changes that have been, and are being made in adherence to the goal of being officially accepted into the conference starting next fall.

By giving the school a list of strengths and areas that need continued work, the NCAA representatives encouraged us for the things being done well, as well as presented goals for improvement in the coming year.  The facets of the program in which we were applauded for included the development of the compliance programs, rules education, the Athletics Advisory Committee, strong conference affiliation, student athlete involvement in the process, and the openness to change, listen, and learn.

Among the areas in need of improvement were gender equality changes, amendments to charts in reporting structure, processes in writing for the registrar, financial aid, and admissions, implementing Compliance Assistance (computer program for organization and structure), and the evaluation process and role of FAR in the eligibility process.

Athletic Director, Bobby Martin, said, “The committee was very positive overall.  We knew that we would have things to correct in our manuals and procedures.”

He mentioned that at this time, SNU is completing the Annual Report that is due on June 1st.  In general, the university will continue to have rules education meetings for the coaches and staff every month.

“This is a long process that involves the entire campus community.  If we advance on schedule, we will be a provisional member next year,” Martin said.