New social life exec talks hopes for next year

Courtney Redwine (second from right) worships in this file photo from NSI 2012. Redwine was elected as the SGA Social Life exec for 2013-2014. (Photo by Kyle Pierce)

By Macy Sliman, Staff reporter

The SGA execs for 2013-2014 have been elected. They are:

Student Body President: Jordan Leibold

Campus Ministries: Eric Smith

Athletic Relations: Joel Frees

Social Life: Courtney Redwine

Office Administrator: Allie Oakes

With new people in office comes a different approach to how the student government is run.

Next year’s Social Life Exec, Courtney Redwine, gave The Echo some insight into plans and hopes for next year.

In this role, she will be in charge of events including Back to School Bash, TWIRP, Homecoming, Roller Rag, Heart Pal, and Eggstravaganza.

Redwine is a junior who has been a part of SGA since her freshman and sophomore year. Her campaign slogan was, “I mustache you to vote for me!”

Her goals for the SGA council are expanding events and/or adding smaller events. Redwine hopes to create things that appeal to more diverse groups and open more community. She hopes to include as many students as possible.

“I hope to by getting more input from people. I want to build my social life council to get more people (girls and guys) involved in planning. The more the merrier to help with creativity!” Redwine said.