New Ways to Serve With Give Week

New Ways to Serve With Give Week

Give Week starts next Monday, October 9th, and brings new opportunities for students to serve in their community.

Give Week is a week dedicated to the prospect of, well, giving. It happens every year in the fall and is hosted by the student chaplains, and throughout the week there are specific ways students can get involved and serve those around them.  This year’s theme is centered around three aspects of giving: talent, treasure, and time.

 On Monday night there will be a prayer meeting at the Jesus statue at 6 to kick off the week. On Tuesday there will be an offering at chapel for the snack packs, for students to give their treasure. Wednesday, students will have the opportunity to give some of their time by helping put together snack packs for other students. Thursday night there will be a talent show for students to share their gifts with their peers.

Hannah Trevino, the student chaplain lead, is in charge of putting Give Week together and has been planning it since August with the other chaplains, and is mostly looking forward to making snack packs on Wednesday. “That’s probably my favorite day, not only because all the students get to make them but also because we get to deliver them. I’m excited to see their faces when we give it to them.” The goal is to make around 400 snack packs.

Something new this year for Give Week is an opportunity for students to go to Southern Plaza on Tuesday night, a retirement home on 39th Street and Asbury, to spend time with the residents, play games, worship, and just enjoy community together. 

Ryleigh Rushing, the sophomore student chaplain, is excited for Give Week and encourages students to give up their time, treasure, and talent for their community and for God. “I think people should actively participate in this event because at the root of Jesus’ teachings was love for others and serving the people around us. It can be a fun and fulfilling form of worship to serve others with your friends!”

Students are welcome to participate in one activity, or in all of them. The student chaplains and the rest of SALT hope students will jump at the chance to serve their students and those around them.  For more information about Give Week, check for updates on Instagram @snulife1899 or in the SALT and Senate office in the Commons.


Photo by SNU Creative