NSI Fair Giveaway Rules

1. Eligibility
All current SNU students except newspaper editorial staff are eligible.  In order to participate, they must complete the Feature Student Survey at The Echo’s NSI Fair booth. Students may only enter once. Attempting to enter more than once will result in disqualification from the contest.

2. Prizes
The prizes will be two (2) Kindles (value of approx. $80 each) and ten (10) gift cards worth ten dollars ($10)  for a total of 12 winners.

3. Selection
Freshmen participants will randomly be selected to win one (1) Kindle and five (5) gift cards in a first round drawing and they will then compete for the remaining Kindle and gift cards against students from all classes in a second round drawing .

4. Announcement
Winners will be announced on The Echo’s website (echo.snu.edu) by Friday, August 24.

5. Prize pick-up
Winners will be contacted by The Echo with information about picking up their prize.

6. Odds
The odds of winning will vary depending on the number of participants.

7. All details subject to change at the discretion of The Echo.