NSI Freshman vs. Transfer

NSI Freshman vs. Transfer

The intention behind New Student Institute is to integrate students in the campus community, hopefully giving them a more comfortable transition into SNU. During NSI, students are getting out of their comfort zones and doing new things.

There have been numerous opinions about NSI, mostly positive but some negatives. I spoke with two students who attended NSI: Freshman Hillary Cantwell from Denver, Colorado and transfer Noah Truitt from Bethany, Oklahoma. Cantwell is a Nursing major. Truitt transferred to SNU from Central Christian College in Kansas and is majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy.

Both students felt NSI was beneficial and both said the events were socially appealing. They were able to meet new people and get out of their comfort zones.

When asked about his favorite part of NSI, Truitt said, “Meeting other transfer students in same family group and getting to know people going into the year.” He spends most of his time with the other transfers in his family group.

Hillary Cantwell followed by saying her favorite part was also her family group. She was in Family Group 13 with Parker Whitson and Edna Sanchez as her mentors. Cantwell stated, “Everyone in my group was just very open and friendly.”

They were then asked what they would change about NSI. Cantwell said, “I wish they would have included more about printing and more of the school side of things, like where my classes are, Moodle, knowing how to set up laptop, stuff like that.” Truitt said he wished some of the meetings were shorter. Both Cantwell and Truitt expressed what most students have also said about NSI.

Both said NSI made their transition to SNU more comfortable. It was helpful for them to already know people prior to classes starting. Cantwell was very enthusiastic when answering, “Yes, a lot more because you meet people other than who you’re rooming with, especially with classes because you have at least 2 classes you know people in.”

Finally, I asked them what they were most excited about for the upcoming year. Cantwell said she’s most excited for Heartpal because she had heard many positive things. She also hopes to have a date. Truitt is overall excited for “continuing to make new friendships.” He says, “I’m just excited to be at a new place and do new things.”

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Abby Williams, Staff Writer

Abby Williams is a freshman studying Mass Communication. She is excited about writing for the ECHO. Abby is usually working the front desk in the Admissions Office and she enjoys meeting new and prospective students. When she is not at work she is probably napping or hanging out with her friends.[/author]