Oklahoma State Fair from the Eyes of Foodies

Oklahoma State Fair from the Eyes of Foodies

There are three main reasons that people go to the state fair. We don’t go for the lines or the crowds of people, and we definitely don’t go for some of the unusual smells that are there. People go to the state fair for rides, food and nostalgia. 

Every year, droves of people from all over our state go to the Oklahoma State Fair to get their fix on fair fun. Part of that fun is seeing what new types of fried delicacies can be made for the crowds. For 2019, there are several new additions to the fair food family. 

Some of the new sweets on the street included s’mores on a stick, Amish donuts, deep fried Nutella and Angry Puffs which allow you to breathe like a dragon while enjoying flavors like cheddar, fruit and cotton candy. 

Junior, Chloe George spoke about some of her must-have desserts at the fair, saying, “My favorite fair food is fried Oreos and fried Twinkies. It’s really sweet, and I don’t really eat it a lot, so it’s a fun treat. These are definitely two of my go-to fair foods.”

Desserts aren’t the only new treats on the horizon. Some new foods at the 2019 fair include mac & cheese corn dog, gourmet tots, fry bread burger and a Hot Cheeto dog. The fry bread burger is a cheeseburger that uses funnel cakes for the buns. There are many more new foods this year, but it seems like they can never quite match up to the classics. 

Classic fair food includes food like corn dogs and turkey legs. This year, many stands offered turkey legs, and the lines seemed to stretch no matter where you were. Our group at the fair was able to easily buy and share a single turkey leg, and that wasn’t even the bacon-wrapped big leg that was being offered. 

Everyone knows fair favorites are usually deep fried, and that is no exception to foods like deep fried Oreos. These little pockets of chocolate heaven were fluffy and came covered in powdered sugar. On top of that, there was a beautiful drizzle of chocolate sauce. It was easy to spot those that had eaten them during their stay at the fair from their shirt being covered in powdered sugar and their smiles. 

“The only thing I ate at the fair was fried Oreos and fried Twinkies. For me, it’s all about the desserts and taking pictures at the fair of my friends,” remarked Junior Abby Niehues. 

Of course, other crowd favorites include riding the big ferris wheel and playing games, but there is nothing like walking around with a paper tray in hand filled with goodies. The Oklahoma State Fair goes through September 22nd, so get out there and enjoy some fried food!

(Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash)