Out-of-State Student Shock to Oklahoma Weather

Out-of-State Student Shock to Oklahoma Weather

Lately, the weather has been all over the place, but that’s not uncommon for Oklahoma. The weather is known for being chaotic, and for good reason. The state of Oklahoma is placed right in the middle of all the other states, so it’s susceptible to different temperatures crashing in regardless of what time of year it is. 

Since we have so many new freshmen this year, we have even more people coming in from different states. Anna Tatman, a freshman theology major, came from Sacramento, California. She provided some information on what it’s been like in Oklahoma for her, stating, “Where I’m usually from, i’s no colder than sixty degrees, perfect weather year-round. I had to learn how to layer and deal with the cold. I thought the wind was going to blow me away for a long time.” 

Oklahoma is ranked as one of the top 10 windiest states. Oklahoma is a state full of plains and open land with not much to stop the incoming weather. Oklahoma’s geographical location also places us in the eye of Tornado Valley, which is made up of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio. Due to this, we can get some pretty strong tornadoes and winds. 

Janice Petty, a junior psychology major, tells us what it’s like back in her hometown state of Arkansas, saying, “Kind of like Oklahoma, one day it can be really nice outside, but the next day it can be super hot or cold. The difference is that it’s not as windy. Here, I have to take into account how strong the wind is.” She captured the right word to describe the weather, bluntly calling it “bipolar.”

So how exactly do you navigate Oklahoma’s chaotic weather this year? First, check the weather app on your phone before you get ready for the day. Second, always keep a jacket or coat with you, even when you think you don’t need it. Lastly, you must have the courage to bear the weather, for it is sweet to no one. Even if your outfit comes out a little wonky because you prepared for the weather, own it. If you can remember these tips, then you’ll have an easier time! 


Photo by Amira Cooper-Stennis