SNU’s Renew Counseling Center

SNU’s Renew Counseling Center

College can be a hard time of adjustment, especially as a freshman. While this can be a great change, there is still a lot to process at this time as well as the added stress in taking harder-level classes. Some may experience mental health-related needs while others may seek guidance during this transitional time. Fortunately, there is a very cheap and accessible counseling service available to all SNU students–the Renew Counseling Center.

The Renew Counseling Center, directed by Scott Secor, Ph.D. in counseling psychology, has been serving SNU since 2012, according to Holly Sapp, MA, Co-Director of Renew. In the past eleven years, Renew has grown exponentially, increasing its staff to almost 50 therapists! Not only has Renew become more utilized on campus, but it is available to our surrounding community as well.

Renew has a staff of licensed therapists, therapists in their candidacy for licensure, and graduate-level clinical interns, all of whom have received quality training and gone through an extensive interview process. One of the most beneficial aspects of Renew is the price for such quality therapists. The first five sessions are completely free, the sixth through tenth sessions are only $5, and every session after that is only $10. These prices also reset every school year!

Renew is located on campus at Imel East, at the corner of Northwest 43rd Street and N. Asbury Avenue. It is within walking distance, but they also have a free parking lot nearby if you choose to drive! They are open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Fridays. Scheduling an appointment is very easy: all you have to do is call Renew’s office at (405) 717-6200 to schedule a free phone screen. For this phone screen, one of the therapists at Renew will call you to go over basic background information and any preferences you may have about your therapist (i.e. female or male) in order to pair you with someone who will best serve your needs. Any information you disclose with a therapist will be kept confidential, making it a safe space for all students.

Many students at SNU have been positively impacted through this counseling service, including myself. Emma Dilbeck, a junior biochemistry major, believes everyone would benefit from Renew in some capacity, saying, “Renew has been a great therapeutic option for me because it is both beneficial and affordable. I also like how Renew can easily work around my school schedule.”

Another student, Bethany Crouch, a sophomore English major, also describes her positive experience with Renew, saying, “Renew has given me a safe place to decompress and process everything. I would 100% recommend everyone at least try Renew and, if they don’t like the first counselor they’re paired with, try a new one before giving up on it!”

Whether you are seeking guidance or would just like someone to talk to, Renew is a great resource to use, and the cheapest therapy you will ever receive! Check out the link below to schedule your first appointment.


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Photo by: Julia Benn