Riverscream 2018

Riverscream 2018

If you haven’t made it down to OKC Riversport this fall, then you are missing out. The park features a ropes course, a zip line, kayaking, and one of the only man-made whitewater rapids courses in the country. Just for October, the park is doing something a little extra: OKC Riversport, in association with local radio station KJ103, has put together an event called Riverscream.

On Friday and Saturday nights throughout the month, the park is turning its ropes course into a haunted maze of sorts. What is normally a semi-challenging climb to the top is now a pitch-black seven-story nightmare. Employees that would otherwise cordially greet you every step of the way are now paid extra to dress like zombies and frighten customers.

Logan Burnett, the Whitewater Kayaking Instructor, gave it a test run this past weekend and claims that is something worth seeing. Burnett said, “If you’ve been through the ropes course during the day, it’s like a totally different thing. They have these smoke machines, and when it’s dark out, you can’t see a thing.”The logo for Riverscream

During the day, there is a unique whitewater course that is created by pumping obscene amounts of water through a winding concrete slope. The rushing waves create simulated river rapids that customers can traverse in an inflatable raft. Patrick Kitzel, a student of SNU as well as a raft guide at Riversport, calls the course “a lot of fun. If it weren’t for Riversport, I never would have gotten into white water rafting.” The rafting portion of the park runs from about 2pm to 11pm.

After 5, the water pumps are shut off and the bare bones of the whitewater course can be seen. During Riverscream, the dry “river” bed is repurposed into a laser tag arena. Customers that have made it through the ropes course are tasked with shooting zombies that lurk throughout the channel.

For people that are too old to trick-or-treat and do not have kids yet, there are not a lot of ways to celebrate Halloween. KJ103’s Riverscream is meant to appeal to people of all ages as a way to make the most of the season.

A day pass will grant you access to all that Riverscream has to offer. The link below has a list of prices and more information regarding the month-long event.


(Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash and Riversport OKC)