SGA Freshman Applications Open

SGA Freshman Applications Open

Attention all freshmen! Applications for Southern Nazarene University’s Student Government Association (SGA) open this week, and you can apply. SGA consists of five councils that serve the student body in unique ways, and there are seven positions open to freshman: President, Social Life, Athletic Relations, Publicity, Finance, Intercultural Engagement, and Campus Ministries.

To become a member of SGA, students must undergo an election process and be chosen by the student body to be in a vital leadership role at SNU. All students are encouraged to apply, as community engagement and leadership are the most important ways we as a university connect with one another.

So, why should you be interested in applying for a position in student government? 

James Udo, our student body president, says that “SGA is an essential part of SNU’s community because it is a means to connect with students and staff. We get to be the bridge between both groups, being a voice for the voiceless is so crucial in this community… I would encourage freshmen to be a part of SGA because it is a great way to get involved and force you out of your comfort zone… It will grow you as a leader and a follower of Christ. The memories to be made are infinite and so is the fun!”

Not only will you be able to help plan amazing and engaging events, but you will also be able to be a voice for the student body. Being a voice, and more importantly, a listener, is an impactful way to serve your fellow students.

Pierson Bell, our campus ministries exec, says that “SGA creates opportunities for the students to get out of their rooms and take part in fun activities. Since this year looks so weird with COVID-19, it makes it all the more important to have events that are safe and fun to lift people’s spirits. As a freshman, it can be hard to get connected and make friends on campus, but doing SGA pushes people out of their comfort zones to meet and build relationships with people they would not have before.”

If you have any questions concerning SGA, feel free to contact Dannah Stelting, who is our director for student engagement, or anyone in our student government.

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