SNU Begins Spring Intramurals

SNU Begins Spring Intramurals

This weekend in Southern Nazarene University’s Broadhurst Gymnasium was the annual dodgeball intramural games. It was a great turnout–the stands were full and the courts were filled with students ready to play. Intramural sports here at SNU are always a good time. They are a great way to engage students who may have played high school sports, who retired for college, but still have a little spark left.

It is also for the students looking for some fun activities and aren’t afraid to get in a game. Everyone is welcoming and it is a great way to meet people you may have not seen on campus before.

While at the dodgeball game, I spoke to SNU student Zack Franklin and asked him why he thought intramural sports were beneficial to SNU. He stated, “I like that it gives all students, even the non-athletes, a chance to play some sports and have some fun within a team atmosphere.” It is true, the dodgeball game was pretty good and the crowd was active.

While in the lobby I spoke with Benny Rivas and asked him why he thinks intramural games are good for SNU. He states, “They are good at bringing everyone together and help create a positive culture for the school and everyone around.” Couldn’t agree more.

Intramurals are fun and allow many of the student-athletes a chance to cheer on other students. The community here at SNU goes unmatched. We have men and women’s basketball, soccer, and volleyball coming up, so if you missed the dodgeball game, I highly suggest you come check a game out.

I had the opportunity to talk to a couple of people thinking about signing up, and while doing so I noticed how many athletes may play one sport here at SNU, but love to play another for fun. Intramurals are really giving them an opportunity to get on a team and have some fun. It is also important to note that they have some teams open and you can still sign up.

If you and your friends want to make a team, or you are solo and want to join a team, registration is open for volleyball and basketball. Soccer will be opening soon. For basketball, there are a couple of options. They have half court 3v3, and both a men and a women’s 5 on 5. Remember, this is for fun so don’t feel intimidated, all skill levels are welcome.

Find more information on SNU’s intramurals here.

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash