SNU goes to China

If you had the chance to go to China over Spring Break and get college credit, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t everyone? Well that’s exactly what a group of students from our school did! Dr. Anthony Rodin and Dr. Mark Winslow took a group of twelve students to China to study the subject of faith and politics in China.

I caught up with Dr. Rodin earlier this week to talk to him about the trip and what gave him the idea to create this trip. Dr. Rodin replied, “China has always fascinated me. Having traveled abroad as an undergrad, I knew the value of first-hand travel experience and wanted to organize something wherever I ended up.”

Dr. Rodin continued, “I chose China because the things happening there today and in the near-term future are going to shape the world in profound ways. Doing a trip to China, focused not only on seeing the sights but also examining its rise through the lens of faith and politics, was a natural fit.”

After talking to Dr. Rodin, I wanted to get a different perspective from one of the students that was on the trip. I spoke to a junior, Rachel Womack, about her experiences on the trip to see what her favorite moments were. Rachel responded, “Meeting some students that were from there and creating a relationship with them.”

I also wanted to ask her what she learned on the trip and if she would recommend the trip to someone wanting to go in the future. Womack replied, “I learned that to be able to travel you need to have an open mind about everything. Yes, I would definitely recommend. I will never forget this trip.”

This trip took the students to Beijing, Xi’an and Hong Kong, where they not only explored some of the most famous places on Earth but also spoke with several missionaries and politicians. Some of Rodin’s goals for the trip included meeting the people, seeing the cities and to encounter the culture.

Rodin wanted to add, “I am incredibly pleased with how the trip went. I am incredibly blessed to have had the group of students that I did and that we didn’t have any major illnesses or crises.”

If you are interested in going on the China trip for college credit, there will be another chance in the spring of 2020. Be watching your emails in the fall of 2019 for more information!

(Photos by Parker Whitson)