SNU Graduate Discusses His Journey as a Sportscaster

SNU Graduate Discusses His Journey as a Sportscaster

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Glade Pittenger, Staff Contributor
Glade Pittenger is a senior at SNU majoring in Sports Information. He hopes to become a commentator for NBA basketball, and loves health, fitness and nutrition. He also enjoys Herbalife because it helps him stay active and reach his goals. [/author]

Toby Rowland, who is the current voice of the Oklahoma Sooners for basketball, football and baseball along with being a graduate of Southern Nazarene University, talked with me this past week about what the road has been like for him starting when he was a college student here on campus.

Rowland started off as an accounting major on the men’s basketball team at SNU.

“My dad is a Nazarene minister, so I always knew I wanted to go to one of the Nazarene schools,” said Rowland. “It was between SNU, Olivet and Trevecca for me. SNU offered me a basketball scholarship, plus my grandparents lived in Bethany and I had grown up in Mustang…so it was an easy choice. I was originally an accounting major.”

Toby then discussed how fortunate he is to be a current staff member at the University of Oklahoma and his opportunities there.

“In many ways it seems like it’s been a long journey to where I am now, but the truth is I have been very fortunate,” he said. “To be hired at OU at age 37 was a leap of faith for Joe Castiglione and President Boren. I’ll be forever grateful for their faith in me. I’ve been blessed by good fortune and good people.”

He also talked next about what his job is like being the voice of the Sooners daily, and how it actually allows him to spend time with his family.

“Day to day I’m pretty much always getting ready for the next game. Conducting interviews, preparing spotter boards, writing scene setters and scripts, etc…,” said Rowland. “I do several weekly radio and TV shows that weave between the preparation. I get to work out of my home office quite a bit, which makes it possible for me to be around my family most days. That’s been a blessing for us.”

To end the interview, I asked him what he recommends for others out there who would like to do some sportscasting or one day be in a position like he is in now. He responded by saying, “Try to find an internship, make as many contacts as possible and practice, practice, practice. You’ve got to be good and know the right people…if you do that, then doors will open for you.”

You can find out more information about Toby Rowland by clicking here or listening to his radio show, “T-Row in the Morning Show,” from 6 to 9 a.m. on weekdays.