SNU University Singers 2013

Laura Miller.  Photo by Arielle Ricksecker
Laura Miller. Photo by Arielle Ricksecker

Arielle Ricksecker, Guest Writer

   Put your jazz hands together and start working on your jazz squares because SNU’s University Singers is back for another wonderful year! The University Singers is a group that specializes in Jazz gospel but also comes together to do a little a cappella. Occasionally, when singing, they group together with the Jazz Band, and perform for concerts. Every year they have auditions, and after tough decisions, the U Singers starts the season with a group of twelve singers. Two returning singers are senior Laura Miller, the leader of University Singers, and junior Steve Stark.

   Throughout the year they hold and become a part of various concerts. This past year, in May, they traveled and sang in Venezuela, where they also helped with vacation bible studies and sharing the word of God to the community. The U singers were also a part of the National ACDA Conference, where they were the feature jazz group this past March. This year U Singers may be planning on touring in Tennessee and the west states.

   Miller says they are planning some exciting concerts this year. The first one they are planning is this October and one in November. Miller and the U Singers usually schedule 3 or 4 concerts, along with a huge jazz festival they have every year! The jazz festival involves, of course, the U Singers, but local High School Jazz Choirs also come in and sing. The U Singers also get the opportunity to sing with a professional every year. Usually the Jazz Festival is every spring, and students are encouraged to participate.

   The U Singers has recently created an album, By Day or By Night. The album was produced and mastered by Jim Graves and Zach Lucero. By Day or By Night is now available for $10 in the music office inside the Fine Arts building. Their album is also available on iTunes and Spotify. It is a collaboration of all three past albums, so there is a variety of songs.

   Miller first saw the University Singers when she was in 9th grade. It was then she knew all she wanted was to be involved with the U Singers.

   “I did everything I could to make sure I got into SNU,” said Miller. She is now a senior and the leader of the group she dreamed of joining.

   Are you ready to have your mind blown by the University Singers? Do not forget to check them out! You can hear some of their songs and see pictures at!university-singers/c1pz.