SNU Welcomes the Class of 2026

SNU Welcomes the Class of 2026

It’s that time of year again! Students are unloading their vehicles packed with their belongings as they look forward to this new chapter in their lives. Before classes begin, freshmen and transfer students participate in NSI where they get to know the ins and outs of SNU and meet other students and faculty on campus. During the NSI fair, members of the ECHO’s staff and I got to sit down and talk with new students about what they were looking forward to the most in their first year at SNU.

A headshot of Garrett Massey

“I’m ready to get used to everything in college. To stay on top of my schoolwork and keep up with homework.”

Garrett Massey

A headshot of Decarlos Anderson

“I’m excited to meet new people and a change in scenery.”

-Decarlos Anderson

“I’m just excited for the overall college experience at SNU.”

-Christopher Donaldson

A headshot of Ryan Gilleylen

“I’m really looking forward to having a good college experience as well as participating on the football team.”

-Ryan Gilleylen

A headshot of Lane Hairgrove

“I’m excited to play football here, as well as study theology.”

Lane Hairgrove

A headshot of Torrie Curry

“I’m excited for a new experience, as well as a change of scenery and the overall comradery here at SNU.”

-Torrie Curry

A headshot of Cameron Anderson

“I’m excited about the new journey.”

-Cameron Anderson

A headshot of Joseph Martin

“I’m looking forward to getting to know people, playing football as well as taking biology classes for my major.”

Joseph (Jojo) Martin

A headshot of Drexel Meek

“I’m excited about the small campus feeling here, as well as the community aspect that SNU strives for.”

Drexel Meek

A headshot of Carter Brock

“I’m ready for a new change and the experiences that come with it being on campus, as well as being on the football team.”

-Carter Brock

A headshot of Seth Spruiell

“I’m looking forward to this new adventure of being on my own and the challenge of college.”

-Seth Spruiell

A headshot of Anthony Cox

“I’m excited to get out there and meet new people.”

-Anthony Cox

A headshot of Logan Ferrell

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people as well as being on a bigger campus, as well as playing soccer for SNU.”

-Logan Ferrell

A headshot of MacKenzy Spencer“I’m excited to be in the choir as well as becoming a nursing major.”

-MacKenzy Spencer

A headshot of Luke Janzen

“I’m excited about the dorm life and pursuing my career in youth ministries.”

-Luke Janzen

A headshot of Shery Arregaga Lopez

“I’m excited to meet new people. I’ve been online for the last two years so I’m looking forward to more social interactions in classes and on campus.”

-Shery Arregaga Lopez

A headshot of Felicity Moore

“I’m excited about a fresh start.”

-Felicity Moore

A headshot of Eduardo Bailon

“I’m excited to fit in and get to know people and learn about my career in business administration.”

-Eduardo Bailon

The campus is buzzing with people with great attitudes that are excited to get things underway! With classes and chapel starting up soon, it will be no time before SNU is back into the joys of the school year.

Cover Photo by Roel Dierckens on Unsplash