SNU’s Yearbook is Back!

SNU’s Yearbook is Back!

The SNU yearbook hasn’t always been a thing of the past. The yearbook was first published in 2019 but halted during COVID. Creators Olivia Wilson, Abby Tardibono, Carlos Zepeda, and Joah Flores decided it was time to bring it back, so “The Radar” was born. 

The yearbook has faded away in the past, but the creators brought it back with a bang. With only four of them working on this massive project, it was quite challenging. However, they were determined to do so and were fortunate enough to have help from one of their professors, Professor Jim Smith. 

When I asked Olivia Wilson what her reasoning was for bringing the yearbook back, she responded, “I want to be able to capture the memories of my college years the same way every other college does through a yearbook.” I then asked her if she enjoyed bringing back the yearbook and if she would do it again and her immediate response was, “Of course! We plan to do it every year I’m here and hopefully it will continue on after I graduate.” Olivia went on to explain how the yearbook was always a highlight of her school years, and so she wanted to bring it back for not only her, but everyone at school to share and enjoy. 

I then asked Joah Flores what his thoughts were on the yearbook, and he responded, “I enjoyed it and can’t wait to do it again this year. We have more exciting things planned, and I think everyone will enjoy it.” I continued to converse with Joah, and he explained how the amount of stress that they will have this year working on the yearbook will be much more manageable because they will have more heads and hands involved as opposed to just the four of them. He explained, “The work put into last year’s yearbook was a lot of hard work and dedication, but it was for sure worth it.” 

The yearbook creators expressed their excitement for the new Yearbook Club this year as it welcomes new members to join in on the fun they will be having throughout the year. Last year’s yearbook was a success and that is the exact same intention that Olivia and her crew have for this year!


Photo by SNU SAAC Instagram