Social Life Brings a New Dance to SNU

Social Life Brings a New Dance to SNU

Social Life’s next upcoming event is in just a few weeks, and they are bringing something a little different: a silent disco!

Fall Disco will be the first dance of 2023 and will be on Friday, October 6 at seven p.m., at the Slate in the Founders Tower in downtown Oklahoma City. Students will be provided with headphones, which is where the silent disco part comes in.

How a silent disco works is pretty simple. Everyone wears headphones that usually have two or three channels to choose from. Each channel will be playing a different song that has a different color, so students will be able to pick and choose what they want to dance to. It is kind of a perfect option for college students because if they get bored or do not like a song, they can just change it to another one. It is also entertaining to watch for anyone without headphones on.

The idea for a silent disco came from the SNU party at NYC (Nazarene Youth Conference) this summer, and Social Life thought it would be a fun idea to try out. There are about 250 headphones, and Social Life is hoping students will enjoy them.

Alayna Bryson, the Social Life lead, is in charge of this event and hopes this will be a good opportunity to continue to build community. “I hope that a lot of people can just have fun dressing up and creating more community and relationships on campus.”

There will also be board games for students who are not really interested in dancing but still want to have a fun time with friends off campus, and there will be Crumbl Cookies to enjoy there as well.

Fall Disco is sort of a spinoff from Twerp, which is a dance that SNU used to have in the fall. Jonah Newsom, the SALT GA, is the staff sponsor for Social Life. He says that it is like Twerp but a bit more inclusive. “Twerp was usually just a couples event, and this is an everyone event, and that is what we are promoting, everyone can come, not just couples.”

Fall Disco is also a Sadie Hawkins dance, where the girls ask the guys to the dance, although this is not a requirement.

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Photo by SNU Creative