Soundscapes and Stories: Navigating SNU Students’ Favorite Musical Artists

Soundscapes and Stories: Navigating SNU Students’ Favorite Musical Artists

Hey there, fellow music enthusiasts! It’s time to go on an expedition through the vibrant beats that make our campus dance amid a midlife crisis. From the pulsating rhythms of pop to the soulful melodies of indie vibes, SNU is a living jukebox, each student curating their playlist that adds a unique flavor to the collective musical melting pot.

We shine a spotlight on the artists who hold a special place in the hearts of fellow students. From underground sensations to mainstream icons, each student’s favorite artist represents more than just musical preference—it embodies a connection forged through personal experiences and shared emotions.

SNU student, Ian Messiah, shares, “My favorite artist is Janet Jackson, one of the pop artists who has influenced many artists in the mainstream now, like SZA and Summer Walker.” Another SNU student, Emanuel Terrazas, shares his love for Laufey, a rising artist known for her modern jazz works like “Bewitched” and “Everything I Know About Love. 

While talking about artists, our fellow students also talked about their favorite projects. Messiah talks about The Velvet Rope, stating, “[Her project is] toward pop, where she dives into loneliness and depression.” Nick Gonzalez, a Beyoncé stan, mentions, “Renaissance gives us those dance vibes, that we need when we’ve been going through hard times. Some students might swear by the emotional rollercoaster of a particular album, finding solace in the raw lyrics and captivating melodies. Others might have a go-to track that instantly transports them back to a memorable moment or a late-night study session (I routinely listen to the Eras Tour Setlist to concentrate while doing homework). It’s these musical nuances, the beats that echo in the background of our daily lives, that add layers to SNU. 

As musical trends evolve and new artists emerge, our campus remains at the forefront of innovation and exploration. Through social media, streaming platforms, and collaborative playlists, students continue to discover new sounds and expand their musical horizons, ensuring that SNU remains a vibrant hub of musical diversity. That said, there do exist songs where the campus unites together to sing them, such as “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift, One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful, and Grammy winner, Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA, etc.

Now, let’s shift gears and zoom in on the personal concert experiences that have become cherished memories for our fellow students. Imagine it as a backstage pass into their lives, where they share the moments when the music transcended the speakers and became an unforgettable part of their college story. Terrazas shares, “I started listening to Kevin Kaarl, an indie Mexican artist. I went to one of his concerts with my sister; it was such an amazing experience. Being able to hear the trumpet solos was very nice, leaving me happy and in awe.” Messiah contributes by stating, “I started listening to Jackson in my junior year, modeling myself after her; not being afraid of expressing myself.”

Fearlessly, we’ve uncovered some hidden gems and anthems that keep our college days thriving. From the chill genres to the heartstring-pulling ballads, our collective music taste is a mixtape of memories shaping the soundtrack of our lives. As life turns the page into a new chapter, let’s embrace the timeless songs that keep our hearts singing in sweet, everlasting rhythm.


Photo by José Ramos