Students talk benefits of riding bikes, longboards around campus

Campus sidewalks
Students ride bikes and longboards around campus for multiple reasons. They said its sidewalks are good for bikers and longboarders, though more bike racks would be useful. (Photo by Stephany Reyes)

By Amy Lauver

Many students enjoy commuting on campus by biking or longboarding. We had three students, two who bike and one who longboards, talk about what they love best about it and why they do it.

“I love the rush of it,” Cole Trotter said about longboarding.  “It makes going place to place more fun.”

With a small campus, it isn’t extremely necessary. It is, however, a fun and entertaining way to travel around more easily.

Blake Jordan said he bikes “to save time traveling across campus,” and “It’s also fun to ride, especially during the fall, to see how many leaves you can crunch!”

“I ride my bike because I love to ride my bike,” says Emma Williamson. “I like it as a hobby. And it’s faster and more efficient.”

There are many benefits to riding a bike or longboard wherever you are. It can save gas and help the environment. It also makes it easier to get around campus, especially from places such as Imel or the A.M. Hills.

“Living in Imel it’s really far from my classes,” Jordan said, “so I can save a lot of time travelling from Imel to Herrick. Otherwise it would take several minutes and I might be late to class if I wake up late.” He added, “Also in case I want to ride around Bethany and for exercise. A bike ride is peaceful and something fun to do with friends.”

Williamson said, “I can travel places quicker. I can travel around campus without using my car and hurting the environment. It’s almost like a social event, to me, because of the people I ride with.”

“I’m not late to class very often,” Trotter claims as a benefit to longboarding. “I can leave two minutes before and still get anywhere. It’s a lot of fun. I have an adrenaline happy heart.”

With all the bikers and long boarders on campus, the question arises if they are doing it to commute or for leisure.

“Well both, but more leisurely,” said Williamson. “I don’t walk to the places too far from bracken like Imel and the Hills. But mainly leisurely.”

Jordan rides for both also. “Often I ride to the public library to get CDs. I ride my bike to save gas if it’s a nice day. Take advantage of how beautiful the day is.”

Trotter said, “Both. All the time. When I don’t it feels weird. It just feels I should have it by my side when I’m walking.”

SNU does a good job at appealing to those who choose to bike or longboard on campus, according to these students. When asked what SNU could do, all three said they feel SNU is laid out well for both walkers and riders.

However, Williamson said, “More bike racks. Because some places you just have to attach you bike to a tree.”

“The campus is nice because there are so many sidewalks. I feel like there is enough room for bikers, long boarders and walkers,”  Jordan said. “I feel there should be another bike rack near the science building. They are pretty full in the mornings. I usually use the poles by the Commons, but they don’t like that too much.” He added, “I think it’d also be fun if there was a bike group that met once a week and enjoyed the outside together.”