Summer Online Shopping on a Budget

Summer Online Shopping on a Budget

Everyone enjoys a hot summer day where they can just relax by a pool and enjoy the sunshine. Well, luckily for you that time is coming up very soon! Within two short months, school will be out, and the sun will be shining. It will be here before you know it, so now is the perfect time to start shopping for your summer wardrobe. Online shopping is a perfect idea for summer clothing, especially when you are on a budget.

There are a variety of cheaper online stores that specialize in summer clothing. When asking freshman Jayleigh Totten where she shops for her summer clothes and why, she says, “I usually shop from Shein. I love getting new swimsuits, jean shorts, and crop tops from there. The price ranges from $5-$20, which is very affordable, and it has all of the new styles.”

I personally shop from Shein as well. The overall quality is good. My favorite things to buy from Shein are their swimsuits and tank tops. They have a large variety of styles and colors, and they always come out great quality for the price. Although Shein is very well-known, there are other cute online stores as well.

Freshman Riah Smith also does her summer shopping online. When asked what she uses and why, she says, “I use Cupshe. I buy basically all of my swimsuits from there. It is very good quality for the price and I highly recommend buying a swimsuit from there.” Cupshe specializes in swimsuits and beachwear, which is a major part of a summer wardrobe.

Next time you are doing some online shopping, go ahead and give both of these shops a look. Both websites provide reviews so you can read other people’s input on the items. There is honestly nothing more fun than online shopping when the prices are right. You are able to build up a wardrobe shopping through these stores without completely breaking the bank.

If you are looking to pay a little more for higher quality, some good online suggestions would be Pacsun, American Eagle, Forever 21, and H & M. You do not want to worry about getting your summer wardrobe at the beginning of summer. Go ahead and build it up now, so by the time summer comes, you are ready to enjoy summer to the fullest.