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Native American Heritage Month

Before getting our minds centered on Christmas, we need to remember about November. November was declared as Native American Heritage Month by George H. W. Bush on August 3, 1990.  As Oklahomans, we are surrounded with Indian culture. Having this month dedicated to the Native American’s was an outlet for them to share their culture, crafts, music, dancing, and traditions. ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Polina Chala and Judit Mas

To get inside information on the 2016 tennis team at SNU, I sat down last week with returning player Polina Chala and true freshman Judit Mas. Polina Chala is a returning sophomore from Khariv, Ukraine. After asking her what it was like her freshman year adjusting to a new country and meeting new people, she responded, “It was a big ... Read More »

The Longboard Culture

There are many different trends at SNU. Whether it is gathering a bunch of friends to see the midnight premiere of a movie, dressing up for different sporting events or laying in a hammock somewhere on campus, there is not a more popular trend than longboarding. If you’re on the way to class or walking toward chapel, there’s a good ... Read More »

The Real Problem with Selfies

The selfie. We all have taken one at some point. Whether it was for a self-destructing Snapchat or to preserve the memory of an event on Instagram, every one of us is guilty of taking what may be the Internet’s most hated photo trend. No matter how we feel about them, one look at Instagram informs us that self-portraits have ... Read More »

Students work to promote diversity and cultural awareness

By Brad Crofford, Editor-in-chief Some may not think of the university as being particularly diverse, but a student group wants students to learn from it. The Multicultural Student Network, more commonly known as MSN, is a campus organization that seeks to help students learn from their differences. It is currently in its second year. “We are a group of students ... Read More »