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In Review: This Is Us

Is “This is Us” just another sitcom with hundreds of one liners, or is it a soap opera too dramatic to deal with? This is the show that is enlightening the stigmas of American culture without being cheap or provocative. The recent problem in American T.V. is the void of reality. From sci-fi to crime dramas and even our reality ... Read More »

The First Ever SNU Anime Club

The first ever SNU anime club Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining the SNU Anime Club for the viewing of Mamoru Hosoda’s The Boy and the Beast. Afterwards, the Anime Club president, Hannah Small granted me a short interview and a look at her impressive anime, manga, and collectibles collection.   The club itself is well run and ... Read More »

What to Watch on Netflix

Netflix is the greatest accomplishment of the 21st century (at least according to most college students). But when the site is most known for the fact that you spend more time searching then you do actually watching TV shows or movies, there’s no doubt you might need some suggestion on what to watch. So without further ado here are the ... Read More »

Buffy vs. Breaking Bad: A faculty survey

James Tunnell, Staff Writer    In ye olden days, a person most likely would be extremely limited in their options for entertainment media. Sure, books have been around forever, but the 20th century brought about new ways to get through the day with the advent of the movie industry, television and, most recently, the ability to access any type of music ... Read More »

The greatest book on earth is now the greatest show on earth

By Garvis Long, Staff writer It was a Sunday evening with little to do.  I had just come home from church with my brother, and we both crashed on the couch to watch television.  One channel to the next with nothing but the same drama and same boring news stories about Kim Kardashian’s baby. It seemed like a regular day, ... Read More »