The New Chapel Structure

The New Chapel Structure

As the fall 2021 semester has officially begun, we are seeing structural changes in chapel this year. These major changes include no more live streaming, having chapel in Bethany First Church on Tuesdays, and recording attendance for chapel through the IAttended App. With Covid changing a lot of the structure last year, SNU decided to keep the opportunity of canvas discussions for chapel credit three times throughout the semester. 

So what are all the opportunities for chapel credit this semester? Director of Student Ministries Deanna Thomason says, “Tuesday mornings at BFC at 10:50 am. Thursday morning at 10:50 am varies between Canvas discussion, Chapel in Herrick, and Small Groups (see the schedule on Canvas for details). Thursday evening at 9pm in Herrick (Kingdom Come & Kerygma) There will be other opportunities announced throughout the semester.” There are over 50 opportunities to get credit, and only a requirement of 25 for traditional students. 

Chapel structure may have changed this year, but the overall goal still remains the same each year. SNU junior Bailey Spindle encourages everyone to have a good mindset for chapel and says, “Don’t go to chapel with the attitude that it’s just another class you have to take. Go to chapel with the attitude that it is something that you get to do, and it’s a unique opportunity to take a break in your week and worship God with your peers.” She suggests going to Kingdom Come and Kerygma because you get to hear from other students. 

Spiritual culture is a big part SNU’s atmosphere. Through the speakers, prayers, and worship leaders, God’s love is ever present in our chapel services. Deanna Thomason explains that, “Southern Nazarene University seeks to create and nurture a distinctive community based on Christian ideals.” The biggest way we partake in a Christian community is through chapel, by gathering as one to worship our love for God. 

Although chapel might look a little different than last year, things are starting to go back to normal with how it was organized before Covid. Last year was a hard time for everyone due to Covid, but we as an SNU community stayed strong and gave our struggles and worries to Jesus. Through Jesus all things are possible, and it is such a blessing to go back to worshipping with the whole SNU body. 

Photo by: Hailee Thompson