The Perks of Being a Student Worker

The Perks of Being a Student Worker

In many places you visit on SNU’s campus, you see student workers. The admissions office, business building, IT department, mailroom, Commons office, SNU dining, cafe, library, and the Student Development office all use the help of student workers. Have you ever considered applying for one of these positions? This week I chatted with some student workers to discuss the benefits of being employed at SNU.

Luke McGrath, senior, has spent part of his time at SNU working in the Student Development office. As an assistant to the office manager, Luke’s biggest responsibilities are answering the phone, making student and faculty ID’s, filing student paperwork and helping all of the department heads with random tasks for their respective events throughout the year.

Practically speaking, Luke refers to his previous job as a great option for employment. He says, “for students who may not have access to a car, working on campus is a really convenient way to make some money.” Student workers work in close proximity to their living places. This means they save time and money.

“Everyone I know who works on campus says they have a really nice employer,” says Luke. He shares that his staff was very kind, and he feels that all SNU staff genuinely care for their student workers. Another bonus Luke mentions is that because your occupation aligns with your schooling, your work breaks and university breaks line up and you are usually allowed to take work off for school-related events.

Ashley Grubert is also a senior at SNU. She currently works in the university library as a circulation desk assistant. Amongst other tasks, Ashley checks in and out various materials, takes phone calls, makes sure the library is tidy and assists patrons with their needs.

Ashley finds there is much about being a student worker to be appreciative of. For example, she describes her job as a student worker as a great stepping stone for her future. She says working for a university looks great on a resume, and her current job holds her to a certain standard of professionalism that is preparing her for future jobs.

Additionally, Ashley speaks of the references she has attained from this position. She says her “bosses are really cool to work with”, and knows that her employers have opened the door for a lot of networking opportunities.

As a student worker myself, I couldn’t recommend working for SNU enough! It’s a unique work experience I won’t be able to have anywhere else. It’s rare for job openings around campus to be advertised, so you do have to pursue them yourself. If you’re interested in being a student worker, make contact and put your name out there! It’s worth it!

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