TWIRP 2016 Is Almost Here!

TWIRP 2016 Is Almost Here!

Got a Date to TWIRP? Southern Nazarene University’s ongoing tradition of TWIRP is just a week away. The acronym of TWIRP means, “The Women is Required to Pay.”

On Friday, October 28, from 7:30p.m.-11p.m., students will have the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt for one hour. When the hunt is over, an epic costume party will begin. Thanks to Mike Redwine, the event will finish at his property in Yukon, OK.

Participants of the scavenger hunt will be asked to divide themselves into groups of no more than six people. Each group will receive a list of numerous actions to complete within the hour.  Each completed task will require proof with a picture or video.

Students will be encouraged to work towards the event location, as it is 20 minutes away from campus. There is only one hour to complete as many of the tasks as possible. Don’t worry, many  tasks do not require students to drive to a specific location or to drive at all!

In addition, students will be required to sign the normal SNU event waiver, however,  the waiver will have an added section that students must agree to about safety rules. These rules include going the speed limit, only drive the amount of students a car can fit in seatbelts, and not driving recklessly. It is extremely important for students to drive safe as it will begin to darken earlier, and they will be responsible for the people in their car.

Why would you want to participate? First, think about all the fun you will have competing with the student body, eating and dancing the night away after prizes! The top three winning teams of the scavenger hunt will receive gift cards for each individual in the group. These gift cards range from $75 for first place to $40 for third place.

TWIRP is being held three days before Halloween, which led to the idea of a giant costume party. This is a great way for students to get creative and go all out with their dates to win the costume contests. The five categories for the costume contest are the following: the best character look alike, the funniest costume, the best duo, the most creative, and a mystery category. Each of the individual winners will receive a $25 gift card.

Ladies don’t be shy and ask a guy! A great way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so ask with a tasty snack. We all know Pinterest is helpful with creative ideas, so find a clever rhyme and put it on a poster. Don’t over think it, because there are guys out there dying for a date and excited about one. However, this event does not require every couple to have a  “date night”. You can grab a group of friends and come together!

Guy’s are you still looking for a date? Be patient because one may never know who’s waiting to ask. This is a chance to get to know the amazing ladies on campus, and enjoy a free meal.

Gentlemen if asked be extra kind, because this is nerve racking for a girl. She may have put a lot of time in the asking, so say yes (if you want to, of course)! If one does not get asked, dress up and make it a guy’s night, because we believe you will be great at this scavenger hunt. Remember there are many gift cards for the taking, so don’t miss out. TWIRP is going to make for a great night and fun experience for everyone.

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Cheyenne Reynolds, Staff Writer
Cheyenne Reynolds is a junior Sports Information major from San Diego, California. She is part of the Crimson Storm Softball team, and the Student Government Association on campus. She enjoys the beach, traveling, photography, movies, sporting events, and doing missionary work. Cheyenne has aspirations of being a sideline reporter and owning her own magazine company that incorporates both sports and missionary publishings. [/author]