Updates on Student Development from VP Mike Redwine

Campus Community,

I am just finishing my first week in Student Development and I’m so excited to be joining this talented group of professionals!  In addition to the other personnel changes around campus, we’ve also had several in our area.  I’ve provided a summary of these changes listed below.

Mike Redwine

Here are the Student Development updates:

1.       Angela Rhodes has accepted the position of Career Center Coordinator.

2.      Marian Redwine is now the Director of Leadership and Vocational Calling.  She will still care for all of her former responsibilities and has added the Career Center as a direct report.

3.      Misty Jaggers is now the Director for Student Success.  This expands her role as NSI Director by adding the responsibility for oversight of Retention, Multicultural Student Network, and Commuter Students.  Misty will continue to serve as RD for Imel and Asbury through the remainder of this year.

4.      Angie Hattler accepted the position of Director of the Student Health Services back in mid-August.  Don’t wait until you’re not feeling well to stop by and welcome Angie! (Maybe when you get your flu shots, which should be available around the 2nd week in October.)

5.      Michael Houston continues his work as the Associate Dean of Students.  He has added the responsibility of being the direct supervisor for Director of Student Health Services (Angie Hattler) and the Commons Manager/Conference Coordinator (Cheri  Pack).  During the spring semester, Michael will begin to “phase out” as the Director of Residential Life.  However, he will continue to oversee the management of the residential facilities and serve as the University’s chief judicial officer.

6.      Katy Bradley has accepted the Director of Residential Life position with a proposed start date of July 2013.  That being said, Katy is already working closely with Michael Houston to provide a smooth transition for residents and the professional staff in this area.

7.      As has been announced, Kimberly Campbell is providing leadership to our expanded/consolidated counseling services and is serving as the Executive Director of the Renew Counseling Center.

8.    Spiritual Development and Athletics will have a close working relationship with Student Development and will be represented on Cabinet by the VP for Student Development. We have already sensed the synergy that will be gained through this structural connection. These areas will also have a direct reporting line to President Gresham.

Editor’s note: Other campus personnel changes include a reshuffling of the Cabinet, the arrival of a new campus pastor, and a new Director of Human Resources.