Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

Whether you are a returning student or a fresh face, we are so excited to have you here at SNU! 

Our valued community atmosphere and Christ-like discipleship truly make our campus stand out amongst others. We are so excited about the fellowship and gifts this semester will bring!

The campus has been so quiet without you here! Many of our faculty and staff have walked the empty sidewalks praying for each student that steps foot on campus. Some, such as Steven Betts, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Success, have dedicated their time to learning and memorizing the names and faces of students in hopes to build unique connections with them all. When asked about the start of the semester, Marian Redwine, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing, said “It’s so good to have you back! The buzzing and laughter on campus are welcomed sounds and we’re so excited for an incredible year ahead.” 

As you make your way to your classes, we hope you take a second to pause and reflect on all of the work it took for you to get here. Think about the people who believed in you and lifted you up by dedicating their time, financial resources, and love to allow you to thrive in a positive learning environment. We encourage you to thank some of those people today for helping you along your educational journey.

This semester, we hope you prioritize being present–figuratively and literally! Find the value in those early 8:00 am classes even if all you can think about is making it to the coffee shop. Cherish the late-night study sessions with friends and say yes to going to events that you normally would not go to. Sit with new people at lunch or mentor a younger classmate. Soak all of it in because it will all be over in a moment’s time. All of these moments, even the not-so-fun ones, will become lifelong memories you will never forget! Katy Bradley, Dean of Students, expressed great joy about students making their way to SNU by saying “We are so excited to welcome students back to campus! We’ve got new spaces for students to enjoy like Chick-fil-A, Crimson Corner, and The Lounge. My hope is that this year will be filled with memorable moments, opportunities to build friendships, spaces to belong, and purposefully different experiences for each and every student!” 

We hope that you see and feel the intentionality and passion that all members of SNU possess and the unique skill sets they bring to the table. Build relationships with those that serve you: the cafeteria workers, the librarians, our janitorial staff, and all of our other leaders. You will cross paths with these people daily and they may just become one of the brightest parts of your day!

We hope your first days of class are wonderful and enriching and that this semester will stretch you in many ways!


Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash