When the New Semester Blues Hits

When the New Semester Blues Hits

After spending almost four weeks away from school, studying, essays and early morning lectures, Southern Nazarene University (SNU) students have found themselves back on campus at the start of a new semester whether they are ready for it or not.

With a new semester comes fresh faces, new class schedules and more peer-interactive opportunities—if we can find the motivation to start.

I have one job here on the Echo staff, and that is to think of a story, interview a few people and write one captivating article each week. So, what did I do this week? I waited until Friday to even consider interviewing someone and then tucked the article safely in the back of my mind. And here I am on my weekend off, sitting on my double-decker couch, suffering the consequences of my early-onset procrastination.

My theory is that it is more difficult to gain motivation at the beginning of the spring semester than at the beginning of the fall semester. We have just come off of arguably the best holiday of the year, it is cold and dark outside, and we still need recovery from the semester that we were just on break from. Regardless, we are obligated to be prepared and present for every class.

“You want to have the motivation to start strong, but it’s just not there,” said Jacey Parkhurst, sophomore at SNU.

When students find themselves suffering from a lack of motivation at the beginning of a new semester—what is supposed to be a fresh start—they seek incentive wherever they can get it. Just last weekend, SNU students enjoyed Roller Rag to kick off the new semester, the first of several morale-boosting student events this semester.

But now that syllabus week is behind us, it is crunch time for students and professors. It is time to make that shift in mentality from break to school. SNU senior, Zac Chamberlain, said, “I try not to think about anything that I thought about on Christmas break or summer break.” To the students who need that extra push, Chamberlain said, “Go to the library, sit by yourself, and just focus on all the work.”

While we all strive to grasp the motivation to start the new semester off with a bang, I give you this encouragement: you are not alone. Yes, some have it more put together than others, but we are all in this together. Seek fellowship, success and mental health during this new semester as you study and work towards your individual goals.

Support for students can be found all over campus. Services such as Renew Counseling, Student Life, the Writing and Tutoring Center, Spiritual Life, the Health Center and Student Success are all here to help students succeed. SNU students, you will do great.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash