Whistle While You Work

Whistle While You Work

Students come into contact with the custodial staff each and everyday but do you get to know them?

I had the honor and privilege to speak to one of the custodians, Tanis. She takes care of the girls in Bracken Hall. As a resident advisor, I’ve been able to work with her in the Residence Life staff.

Tanis went into great detail of how it has been enjoyable to work with Southern Nazarene University. Cleaning during the summer is fun but working during the school year is a day-by-day experience.

Tanis gave me the play by play of what her job entails by expressing that cleaning is the basic description of the job. She, as well as her co-workers, cleans the floors, bathrooms, offices and everything you can and don’t think you put your hands on. One of my main concerns was how the custodians were treated, and Tanis respectably said that she is treated as a worker. “I like my job at times, but every job has its ups and down.”

Upon asking Tanis these questions about custodial life, I was able to interview one other R.A. named Jade Overstreet. Overstreet is a senior Nursing major and has had the privilege to work with the custodians as well as observe them as a student. Overstreet brought to my attention that from working with the custodial staff, she has learned that everyone is needed, and everyone is so full of life with great personalities.

Overstreet emphasized the respect that she had for custodians regardless of her working position. One of the best ways to make the custodians feel appreciated is to say a simple thank you and be a mature adult. Overstreet expressed, “The job is to maintain not to be babysitters.”

With that being said, the Custodial staff have served us in more than one way on this campus. So, if we continue to treat them respectfully and also learn how to make their job easier, we will have an even better campus. Until then, in the words of Frank Churchill, “Whistle while you work.”

[author image=”http://echo.snu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/IMG_8842.jpg” ] Deanne Brodie-Mends, Staff Contributor She is majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in English. She enjoys writing, performing spoken word, attending Church, and spending quality time with friends and family. She describes herself as outgoing and enjoys making people smile. [/author]