SNU Running Club

SNU Running Club

Want to fend off the Freshman 15? Or, are you just into running for fun or for the friendships? Whatever way you look at it, Misty Jaggers’ new running club is the place for you.

Misty Jaggers has been kind enough to share her love of running with the world. No one likes to run alone, and Jaggers has provided an opportunity for accountability. It can be hard to get the push to start a running routine, much less keep it going. This club has become a sort of motivational group for its members.

“I see other members around campus, and I remember the promise I made,” said runner and SNU Campus Pastor Blair Spindle. “It’s a kind of a “‘thumb in your back.’”

The club meets twice a week on Friday evening and Saturday morning, although members are not required to attend. In essence, you get out what you put in. Members of the club have only the best regards for Misty’s leadership and handling as the caretaker of the club. She really cares for the people in it by offering water stations and sending weekly emails and notifications.

Both avid runners and beginners can find a place to fit in. But, when does a running club become a social club? With this group that difference is indistinguishable. One runner, who wanted to remain anonymous, is quoted as saying, “The club has given me a great way to meet people and strengthen relationships.” So, aside from the numerous health benefits of running, you could walk away with a friendship to last a lifetime.

A lot of people on campus are just getting into a new program called Couch to 5K, and Jaggers couldn’t have started her club at a more opportune time. Coming up this April is the annual Oklahoma Memorial Marathon, which is a large scale 5K run to honor the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, an event that took the lives of more than 150 people and injured hundreds more. Schools from all over Oklahoma participate every year, but SNU has never had much of a presence there before.

With the addition of Misty’s running club, Spindle is confident that SNU will be able to make an impression for the good of the school and the cause. He and his wife will be running for sure. This event has been deemed one of the twelve must run races by Runners World Magazine. While we may not get first place right off the bat, everyone has to start somewhere, and Misty’s running club is really taking off.

[author image=”” ]Noah McKinney, Staff Contributor Noah is 18 and a first year sophomore at SNU. He is studying mass communication. He enjoys rock climbing, kayaking, gaming, classic games, and history. He has two middle names but won’t tell you what they are.[/author]