Who will you vote as THE MAN?

Who will you vote as THE MAN?

The Who’s the Man showdown is this Friday, March 6th at 7pm in Herrick Auditorium. The candidates will woo you with their songs, dances and talents. Here is a little background knowledge on the boys:

*Please note: Each candidate wrote their own biography paragraph and are listed alphabetically. Photos by Austin Jenkins.*


IMG_0863Jordan Daelen Christopher Harding is a sophomore History major from Broken Arrow, OK.

I am the Punishment of God; if you had not committed great Sin, God would not have sent a Punishment like me… Just playing, ha! I love and get along with everybody around me! I like to read and watch movies. I love the Almighty Man above. I love football, basketball, hunting, fishing, television, video games. I cherish my baby sisters! My goal in life is to help provide for those who provided for me! The manliest thing I’ve ever done… told my mom to go to her room while giving my father “the Talk”.

Life Motto: May Your Neighbors Respect You, Trouble Neglect You, Angels Protect You, and Heaven Accept You.

Hobbies: Football, Outdoor Activities, Time Spent with Family and Friends

Biggest Fear: God’s Wrath, (or Feisty little dogs)

Spirit Animal: Grizzly Tiger

Favorite Food: Double Cheeseburgers (With Double Patties)


IMG_0855Grayson McGraw Haws is a junior International Studies major from Bethany, Oklahoma.

Seventeen year-old Lola is the pride and joy of her father Grayson Haws. Grayson is a retired agent who left the Central Intelligence Agency to be near Lola in California. Lola lives with her mother Lisa and her wealthy stepfather Tim. Lola manages to convince her reluctant father to allow her to travel to Paris with her friend Andrew. When the girls arrive in Paris, they share a cab with a stranger named Gage, and Andrew lets it slip that they are alone in Paris. Using this information, an Albanian gang of human traffickers kidnaps the girls. Lola barely has time to call her father and give him information. Her father gets to speak briefly to one of the kidnappers, and he promises to kill the kidnappers if they do not let his daughter go free. The kidnapper wishes him “good luck,” so Grayson Haws travels to Paris to search for his daughter and her friend.

Life Motto: Risk it for the biscuit

Hobbies: Helping old women cross the street, saving kittens from trees and reading ancient hieroglyphics to become more knowledgeable on world events

Biggest Fear: Being a 5th year senior

Spirit Animal: Wookie

Favorite Food: Mexican


IMG_0846Marshall Danger Jones is a freshman from Houston, Texas and is studying Mass Communication.

I was raised in the southeastern woods of Texas. While there, I obtained my basic education and learned the ways of the wild. Life was hard on the homestead, but my family somehow managed to keep going. If there is anyone who most influenced me, it would have to be my father. He taught me how to fish, shoot and be a true southern gentleman. After learning all that I could from my parents, I set out for my higher education at Southern Nazarene University. That brings us up to this date. As I move towards the future, I see bright things ahead.

Life Motto: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog

Hobbies: Playing the mandolin, reading and hiking

Biggest Fear: Big Government

Spirit Animal: Grizzly Bear

Favorite Food: Medium Rare Steak


IMG_0850Alec Robert Laffoon is a junior from Arlington, Texas, who is majoring in Business Management.

 My name is Alec Laffoon, born and bred in Texas so that clearly makes me a man. I play football and have yet to win anything in intramurals. I have a loving mom and dad as well as a brother who couldn’t be more different, but I’ve still got to love him. I’m working on my MBA in fantasy football and will show ankle for 5 minutes of wifi.

Life Motto: Life is one big game of who can get tired the fastest

Hobbies: Football, flag football and fantasy football

Biggest Fear: Rejection

Spirit Animal: Falcon

Favorite Food: Seafood


IMG_0858Casey Cummins Myers is a senior Theology and Ministry major from Maitland, Florida.

Casey Cummins Myers’ last name is ever and his first name is greatest. He is a native Floridian and native Oklahoman. He enjoys making [Lebron] James cry (because he just got dunked on). He holds the world record for the fastest swim across the Pacific Ocean. As a child, you would find Casey at the park playing chess with old men. When that got old, he would play himself for a challenge. And win. Twice. Eventually, Casey was banned from all chess parks because if he gazed too long at the table it would spontaneously burst into flames.

Life Motto: Don’t die wondering you go-getter you

Hobbies: Drinking gasoline, wizardry and blacksmithing

Biggest Fear: Aloe Blacc. He says he’s the man, too

Spirit Animal: Not sure. But I’m confident it has rabies

Favorite Food: Wet Concrete


IMG_0913Joseph Alexander Stroud is a sophomore from Dodge City, Kansas studying Mass Communications.

I am the youngest of four children born to the lovely parents Raymond and Robin Stroud (They’re the best at the parenting game). I was born in Oklahoma City, moved to Colorado (the best state ever) when I was three, and moved again when I was eleven to the sad little town of Dodge City, KS, where I live to this day. I have visited many of the USA’s states, their national parks and tourist attractions; however, I have never left the country. I also like pop-punk. My mom’s chocolate cake is the best in the world, sorry other moms.

Life Motto: My Friends Come First, That’s the Bottom Line

Hobbies: Eating, Making Musical Fusion, Workin’ Out

Biggest Fear: My hair falling out

Spirit Animal: Fennec Fox

Favorite Food: Protein Shake


IMG_0851Merritt Wayne Suenram is a Secondary Education major from Enid, OK in his freshman year here at SNU.

My name is Merritt, and I am a freshmen here at SNU. I run cross country and track, but really I just want to be a professional ping pong player someday. My greatest wish is to one day be married. My greatest envy is to people who can sing… sing well. I love food, music, sports and anything manly! 😉

Life Motto: Love like Christ

Hobbies: Running, Basketball and writing poetry to my future wife

Biggest Fear: Dying before getting married

Spirit Animal: Sloth

Favorite Food: Spaghetti


IMG_0838Bryce Ernest Whitehead is a junior Business Administration major from Farmington, New Mexico.

I was born in Durango, Colorado and have been raised in the Nazarene church all my life. I love to fish, hunt and raise animals. I have one younger sister and one older brother. I have a very close family that loves to be around each other. We have many traditions as a family. I have played football all of my life, and it has been a huge blessing for me. I am a country boy that loves his country,  loves his family, loves his God. YE YE Geter done.

Life Motto: Geter done

Hobbies: Church, Football and hunting/fishing

Biggest Fear: Grabbing of feet

Spirit Animal: Panda

Favorite Food: Ribs, crab legs and sushi