Why are you a fan?

Matthew Scott, Staff Writer

   Just sit and imagine something in your head for me. 2011 Rangers vs. Cardinals, game six of the World Series. The game is in St Louis and the Texas Rangers are up 3-2 in a best of seven games series. They are one out away from winning their first World Series crown since the Franchise began all those years back. Up to bat, the Cardinal’s David Frieze. It is a 1-2 count; the pitcher throws the ball, and he hits it deep to left field. It is a rope, and it is heading straight to left field at Nelson Cruz. It is a little bit high, so he has to go back and try to catch it.

    You know that heartbreaking moment when something you want to happen does not happen at all; well this is one of those moments. He misplays the ball, and the cardinals end up winning the game. They won the series also. That feeling as a fan is nothing new at all because that means you are a true fan of the game. Why are you a fan of that team in the first place? What makes your team so special?

   That is a question people get all the time: why do you like the team you like? Sports fans would say a lot of different things, but it is not an easy answer. Oftentimes, fans answer with two words: “Your parents.” Most of the time, as a child, when you see your dad or mom rooting for team, you will like that team. For example, if you grow up in Dallas, Texas, there is a good chance that you will grow up a Dallas cowboys fan.

   Bringing up the Dallas cowboys things brings me to my next point: locally voting for your team. When you are from a certain area, for example Norman, Oklahoma, and when the certain university there is so big, it is just out of habit that you cheer for them. You do not know why; you just do. Anywhere you live can be an example of that; if you grow up in a certain area, than you vote for the team that is there.

   Those are the biggest reasons, in my opinion, for why fans vote for their certain teams. You just have to understand that who you vote for is who you are and that doesn’t need to change at all.