Why Fall is the Superior Season

Why Fall is the Superior Season

The weather is finally cooling down, and that means fall is just around the corner, and for many that means the best season is here. Fall is loved by the majority of Americans, but what about it makes it the best?

Many would agree fall has the best weather out of all the seasons: nice and cool but not too cold – the perfect weather to wear hoodies and still enjoy being outside. Olivia Lindsly, SNU Creative’s head Graphic Designer, would describe fall as a cozy season. “I like to be under blankets and watch cozy movies and have cozy lighting, it’s just cozy.” Lindsly also believes that fall is the best because of the decorations that come with the season. “I love decorating for fall, and also the color palette fall has. Reds, and oranges, and yellows and browns.”

Fall also brings many loved holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, as well as fall break, so students have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the season with family and friends and not just be focused on school work or jobs the whole season. There are also plenty of fun traditions and activities to do, such as hay rides, roasting marshmallows by a fire, pumpkin carving, going to the state fair, and watching scary movies.

There are also a variety of fall-inspired foods and drinks to enjoy, like pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin pie. Fall is usually the perfect time of the year to go to a coffee shop and enjoy some fall-season specialties.

Even though fall is a very popular season, some would claim that summer is better. Hannah Lindsly, a junior Nursing major and Olivia’s younger sister, would agree. “Summer is better than fall because you can do more,” Lindsly explained. “You can go swimming, there’s more free time, you have no school. You just get to hang out with friends the whole time.” Another reason she doesn’t like fall is because it reminds her that winter is right around the corner, and that fall doesn’t last long in Oklahoma.

Of course, not everyone will agree that fall is superior, but even if you don’t like fall as much as summer or spring, there is still plenty to enjoy throughout the season, no matter your opinion. So make sure you take some time this fall season to enjoy some of its qualities and gifts, even if it isn’t your favorite.


Photo by SNU Creative