Books, Books, Books!

Books, Books, Books!

This Friday, in Herrick 118 from 9am to 3pm, the Education Department along with the Communication Department are giving away books, textbooks, periodicals and other materials. This may seem like an odd time to do something like this. The reason that they are holding this “book fair” type event is so that they can make room for the Education Department upstairs alongside the Communication Department.

This is a great opportunity for communication and education majors to possibly get textbooks and other books that go along with your major. Freshman TJ Niedert said that “I’m excited for this Friday to have the chance to get some books and stuff. I feel like book these days go very unappreciated– it’s all about Netflix, social media, and napping… not many people sit down and open a book anymore.”

According to Melodi Mcwilliams, administrative assistant for the Communications Department, said the books are “free in our office now because we are trying to consolidate because traditional School of Education is moving up here with us. We will take our books that are not taken down to the 1st floor for the book giveaway on Friday.” There are different types of books that, in some way or another, can help in the future or even on classes people are taking now. There are several major papers coming up at the end of the semester, and there could be books and resources that could be of advantage to education and communication students.

The book giveaway is not simply exclusive to communication majors and education majors, but it will be most beneficial to them. Lane Grinder, a freshman who has not yet picked a major, stated that he was “interested in the book giveaway because it seems like a good chance to take a look at what is available and maybe find some good items.” There are books and resources for everyone– stop by on Friday and take a look!

(Photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash)