SGA Exec Elections 2016
Photo provided by SNU SGA

SGA Exec Elections 2016

The Echo would like to point out that not all candidates are listed here, and that no candidate is endorsed by the Echo.

Luke Luker, Campus Ministries
Hey guys! My name is Luke Luker, and I need your vote. I am running for Campus Ministries Exec. I will be a senior next year and I am so excited for what God has in store for us. I was walking through the mall this week and I overheard a man ask an Apple employee if he had a church home. I was shocked because of how easy it came out of his mouth! Fortunately, the employee did have a church, but I heard God telling me that there is a ministry everywhere we go! That’s why I want to be the next Campus Ministries Exec–because I want to awaken the ministry. Thank you and I pray that God’s presence will flow through this campus!

Kelsi Redwine, Social Life
Hello all! My name is Kelsi Redwine, and I am running for Social Life. I am currently the junior class representative for Social Life, and it has been by far my favorite part of college yet. Social Life is the council in which does all the planning for events and creating things for students to do to together. I have enjoyed this immensely this past year. I want to help build a community of friends here at SNU. I believe SNU is a community, but I want this community to feel welcoming and friendly amongst everyone. It can be a difficult process to build a community of friends, but it could start with me as the Social Life Exec with your help. I hope you vote for me, and let’s all be friends.

Malory Brake, Athletic Relations
Hello, my name is Malory Brake and I’d love to be your Athletic Relations exec. My vision for the next year is not only to build school spirit at sporting events, but also to get support from athletes at non-athletic events like musicals, SGA events, etc. I also want you to feel like you can come to my council with your ideas and concerns because SGA is here for you guys, and how we can best serve you all!

Sam Smith, Athletic Relations
Let’s bring pride back to the SNU Crimson Storm! I have played softball for three years here while also being a NSI mentor, SAAC representative, FCA leader and a SGA Athletic Relations class officer. During that time, I have experienced both sides of a student and an athlete. Athletes feel they lack support and value as a SNU student. At the same time, students need to feel valued by the athletes. More awareness and hype for SNU athletics needs to be broadcasted and embedded into the community of SNU. It all starts with the Athletic Department and SGA working together. If they are fighting the same battle but at different angles, nothing will be coherent. All efforts must be unified. I think I can bridge this gap and change the environment of SNU athletics!

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