SNU’s Traditional Junior/Senior Banquet

SNU’s Traditional Junior/Senior Banquet

At the end of each year, just before finals begin, juniors and seniors are given the opportunity to celebrate their successes and memories with one another at the Junior/Senior banquet. It is an event that brings seniors’ final year to a close and unofficially kicks off the final year for juniors.

During the banquet, juniors and seniors will get the opportunity to share a meal with one another during which they can exchange stories, memories and future plans. After dinner, senior superlatives will be announced.

Lauren Anderson, Sophomore Class President, said, “Dinner is going to be a homemade Italian dish made by Jaden Osborn and her mom. And Chloe George made the playlist, so you know the dance floor is going to be lit.”

Juniors, use this time of gathering to learn from the people whose last year is coming to an end. When the night ends, you will be sent off to begin your last year as an undergraduate, so soak up as much as possible during this time.

And seniors, enjoy this last opportunity before graduation to gather together as a class to remember and celebrate the successes that you have had in the last four years. As you enter into the “real” world, remember this night as a one that you passed the lessons you learned onto the next class.

Junior/Senior is a semi-formal event. So, if you are a junior or a senior, go grab that summer dress or those nice slacks and get ready to have a relaxing night with your peers before everyone goes their separate ways.

This year, Junior/Senior will be held at the NorthWest Event Center on Northwest Expressway on Friday, April 26. Students can show up at 7 p.m. to begin the celebration banquet.

(Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash)