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Review: Taco Don Nacho

Tacos Don Nacho is one of the greatest restaurants in OKC, and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not try it at least once. Located on Council Road between SW 36th and 38th, Tacos Don Nacho is a mexican restaurant that prides itself on its quality service and great food. What sets Tacos Don Nacho apart ... Read More »

Brett Eats Out: Cajun King

Brett Smith, Staff Writer  Most of the time, it is mainly my decision as to where I will go to review a restaurant. This time was an exception to that rule. My suite mates, Mickey DeMarzo and Brandon Hart, had mentioned Cajun King several times in the previous week. They were very happy with the food there and kept telling ... Read More »

Brett eats out: Tucker’s Onion Burgers

Brett Smith, Staff Writer If there’s anything that I have learned from visiting different restaurants, it’s this: never have your mind made up as to whether or not you will like something new. For me, it was hard to put this into practice when I was visiting Tucker’s Onion Burgers. Anyone who knows me pretty well will tell you that ... Read More »

Brett eats out: Iron Starr Barbeque

Brett Smith, Staff Writer    Like always, I try to take suggestions for restaurants to visit, rather than just hoping to stumble across them at random. Multiple people have mentioned Iron Starr to me, but I decided to go when beloved professor Dr. Mark Reighard related how amazing the food was. Of course I would have to try it if an ... Read More »

Brett eats out: Backyard BBQ

Brett Smith, Staff Writer    Being from the south, I have had my fair share of barbecue over the years. So when Backdoor BBQ was brought to my attention, I made sure to put it on the top of my list of restaurants to try. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get there, so if you make the trek, ... Read More »

In Review: The Inca Trail

Brett Smith, Staff Writer    Authentic Peruvian cuisine is hard to find in the United States. I had heard mention a truly authentic Peruvian restaurant, so I decided that it would be first on my list of places to review this semester. Read More »

In Review: Organic Squeeze

Amy Lauver, Layout Editor     “Jamba Juice is the man?”* Not anymore. There is a new juicery in town! Local business Organic Squeeze opened their first store on Tuesday, January 14. Located in Nichols Hills Plaza, Organic Squeeze is the perfect place to grab a healthy drink and spend time studying. Read More »

In review: Bistro 38

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager On the last day of break my family and I tried a new restaurant because my mom had a groupon for it. We went to Bistro 38 Thai Green Cuisine, located in the shopping center with Pole Position on 36th and May. I had no idea what to expect given my family’s history ... Read More »

Restaurant review: Jersey Mike’s

Garvis Long, Staff writer What’s good, SNU? I’m not asking what’s going on with you, I’m literally asking what’s good as it pertains to food around the Bethany area.  Well, I’m here to tell you that Jersey Mike’s subs are what’s good. This delicious sub shop was opened back in 1956 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Today there are more ... Read More »